How to Make a Mashup & Edit Songs for DJing using Ableton

Download How to Make a Mashup & Edit Songs for DJing using Ableton 
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Mashups and original edits fill the gap between production, DJing, and mixtapes. These Ableton skills are essential.

What you'll learn

Students will learn how to use Ableton to create original mashups and edits of songs for live (DJ) use as well as for mixtapes and radio shows.


You must have Ableton software. It is also recommended (but not required) that you have watched my How to DJ course and/or mixtape courses. Having a DJ controller or DJ decks will also help you (but not required!)


Hey there!

Thanks for checking out my new course on remixing and how to make a mashup!

What is a mashup?

A mashup is taking two (or more) songs and combining elements, like the vocal (acapella) from one song with the beat of another song. So doing, you create a new production that is recognizable but different from the first two songs.

Why did I create this course?

I've created companion courses on How to DJ and How to Make a Mixtape (for radio shows or CD). But I felt that there was a huge area in between these two that could have a lot of value.

Somewhere between producing a track from scratch and learning how to mix songs from other people exactly as they arrive from Beatport is a HUGE opportunity: the opportunity for you to stand out and build your own original sound.


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