IELTS Speaking Pro: Speak confidently & easily on the IELTS

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IELTS English conversation, grammar, language skills & test preparation for 7+ speaking
What you'll learn:
how to organize responses
how to speak for 20-30 seconds in Part 1
what grammar to use
how to speak for 2 minutes in Part 2
connect ideas for higher fluency score
how to speak for 30-40 seconds in Part 3
vocabulary to agree/disagree
how to add detail
vocabulary for likes/dislikes
PPF Technique for Part 2 questions
vocabulary for sharing opinion
create fake facts to score higher
ask examiner questions
how to delay your response
how many examples to give
body language advice for extra points
know what examiner wants you to say
how to speak about yourself in Part 1
ask examiner questions when confused
how to take notes in Part 2
feel confident responding
how to speak generally in Part 3
how to summarize
how you are graded
filler words & expressions
how many examples to give

Intermediate level English or higher

Focus only on the English skills required for 7+ IELTS speaking band score

grammar lessons to demonstrate required 'range & diversity'

vocabulary for describing likes/dislikes, agreement/disagreement + more!

study my own responses, and then practice on your own!

detailed strategies for natural sounding English conversation

pronunciation resources and body language exercises to get easy, extra points

language skills for advanced fluency score

practice responding to most common questions & topics

and much more!

You are ready to master IELTS speaking!

Who this course is for
students seeking 7+ IELTS speaking band score


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