MASSIVE MARVEL COMICS MEGA PACK Avengers Disassembled to All-New Marvel!

Download MASSIVE MARVEL COMICS MEGA PACK Avengers Disassembled to All-New Marvel! 
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This is a fairly complete history of the Marvel Universe since about 2001, with a few little bonuses thrown in here and there. Runs from roughly the beginning of the Bendis Avengers era to just before Original Sin.

Includes all my favorite books. I dunno about yours.

Includes Ultimate universe up to Cataclysm as well as a folder full of incomplete and unsorted issues that I forgot to delete before uploading.

Includes Supreme Power/Squadron Supreme

Includes Icon titles - creator-owned books published by Marvel.

Includes Marvel "Season One" graphic novels.

Includes that whole dang Marvel Zombies affair, plus the Army of Darkness crossover book.

Crazy amount of mini series and one-shots.

Lots o' comics here, friends. Enjoy.

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