Udemy - Beginner to Pro in Excel Financial Modeling and Valuation

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Small DescriptionFinancial Modeling in Excel that would allow you to walk into a job and be a rockstar from day one!
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What you'll learn
Master Microsoft Excel and many of its advanced features
Become one of the top Excel users in your team
Carry out regular tasks faster than ever before
Build P&L statements from a raw data extraction
Build Cash Flow statements
Discover how to value a company
Build Valuation models from scratch
Create models with multiple scenarios
Design professional and good-looking advanced charts


Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Excel 2013, or Microsoft Excel 2016

About the course:

An unconditional Udemy 30-day money-back guarantee – because we believe in the quality of our content
No significant previous experience is needed to understand the course properly and benefit from its content
Unlimited access to all course materials
Emphasis on learning by doing
You can always contact us for any clarification free of charge
Our goal is to take your Microsoft Excel and Financial Modeling skills to the next level
Make an investment that will be highly rewarded in career prospects, positive feedback, and personal growth.
This course is suitable for graduates who aspire to become investment bankers as it includes a well-structured DCF model and goes through the theoretical concepts behind it. Moreover, it will encourage you to be more confident when coping with daily tasks and will give you the edge when the firm must decide whether to take you on for a full-time position.
People with basic knowledge of Excel who go through the course will dramatically increase their Excel skills.
Go ahead and subscribe to this course! If you don't acquire these skills now, you will miss an opportunity to separate yourself from others. Don't risk your future success! Let's start learning together now!

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